Ottawa International Animation Festival | Signal Film 2021 from Angela Stempel on Vimeo.

Wangela and Wamanda run a yearlong race to the finish line, the 2021Ottawa International Animation Festival. The Schedule, The Loops, The Keys, The Selections, The Mind Melds, all obstacles getting in their way to Victory. They get there in the end. It was worth it.

Commissioned by the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Directed by Angela Stempel

Sound Design and Music: David Kamp
Character Design: Angela Stempel and Amanda Bonaiuto
Additional animation and Color Assistance: Rachel Teixeira Bavaresco
CG Animation: Jenna Caravello
Clay Animation: Caitlin Craggs
Additional Design: Ana Perez Lopez

Concept by Angela Stempel and Amanda Bonaiuto 
©2021 Angela Stempel


Storyboard Thumbnails