Clangs for the Speaking Body | Performance Documentation from Angela Stempel on Vimeo.

Jordan Dykstra : http://www.businessofcomposingforstrings.com/
Lily Kind : https://www.lilykind.org
Kira Blazek: http://kirablazek.com/

Project Overview

Clangs for the Speaking Body — is an interactive installation created as a collaboration between Angela Stempel (Animation/Interactivity), Jordan Dysktra (Composition) and Lily Kind (Choreography). The piece invites the audience to move freely in the space before the screen to activate audiovisual compositions. The animation responds to the sound compositions, and both are triggered by the exploration of the interactive space. Inspired by the choreographic qualifications of Labanotation, a range of textures and relationships between sound and movement are presented for discovery and play. The piece is an ode to the rich history of visual music.